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Audit and Supervision

Report scope

Wuzhou International staff unprofessional conduct complaints and reports, welcome to our employees, customers, and have a relationship with our company, contractors, material suppliers, etc. reports and complaints.

Report notes

informants can be reported by phone, fax, and micro-letters and other means. Encourage real name, our commitment to report personal information strictly confidential and report content, and the findings give timely feedback, if anonymously, the results will not feedback; audit and supervision work for the outstanding contributions of the whistleblower will be given reward.

reporting channels

Address: 19th Floor Guangyi Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, 287 Columbus Square Tower B,

Audit and Supervision Center

Telephone: 0510-68753131

Fax: 0510-68751313

E-mail: wz_jcsjzx@hkwzig.com

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