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  • 2004-2006

    Establishing a base in Jiangsu

    Wuzhou International set up its mainland headquarters in Wuxi, Jiangsu in December 2004.

    It went on to build many super-large commercial logistics parks that were developed in several phases on the basis of Wuxi.

    Wuzhou International successfully developed and operated Wuxi Wuzhou International Industrial Expo Mall and Wuxi Wuzhou International Decoration Mall, with the later receiving awards as one of largest decoration material markets in Asia (China) and a Top 100 commodity market of China. Also, Wuzhou International established its own commerce management companies to realize unified positioning, merchant attraction and management at projects.

  • 2007-2009

    Becoming a regional leader

    Wuzhou International expanded its business to the economically-developed cities of the Yangtze River Delta, such as Hangzhou, and gradually established its leading position in this region from 2007.

    Apart from developing commercial logistics parks,

    Wuzhou International also established its second main product, urban complexes. It created the commercial logistics park brand under “Wuzhou International” and its urban complex business under “Wuzhou International” and “Wuzhou Columbus”.

    Wuzhou International established these two major product lines - commercial logistics parks and urban complexes – advancing them side by side.

  • 2010-2012

    Nation-wide Outreach

    From 2010, Wuzhou International accelerated its scale expansion in China, and formed a national development layout of “based in the Yangtze River Delta and expanding nationwide”.

    Wuzhou International Group was established to officially centralize operation management.Wuzhou International founded its principle of “20%, 30% and 50%”, with operation management at the core. This means that in the successful operation of a commercial real estate project, development accounts for 20%, investment attraction 30% and operation 50%. This helps to realize the quick development and healthy operation of its projects.

    Wuzhou International expanded its business to southwest, north and central China, including cities like Chongqing, Dali, Nantong, Huai'an, Yantai, Dezhou and Xiangyang, which helped it become one of the three largest developers and operators of commercial logistics parks in China and a Top 3 developer and operator of urban complexes in the Yangtze River Delta region.

  • Since 2013

    Strategic Upgrading

    Wuzhou International was successfully listed on the HKSE in 2013 under the stock code 01369.HK, establishing its presence in the international capital market.

    As of December, 2014, the Company has expanded its business to 23 cities of 11 provinces/municipalities in east, north, northeast, southwest and central China. It has developed 36 projects in total with an overall floor area of more than 10 million square meters, which reflects its rapid realization of scale expansion and has helped the Company to become the largest developer and operator of commercial logistics parks in China.

    Wuzhou International established its development positioning as the operator of a comprehensive commercial logistics platform in 2014. It has established strategic cooperation with Harbin Bank, GLP, Ping An of China, and PAG.

    Furthermore, Wuzhou International has set up e-commerce and road harbor management subsidiaries to build a comprehensive logistics platform combining international trade, e-commerce, road harbor logistics, storage and delivery, comprehensive financial services and industry support.

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