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Core Ideology

Corporate Vision: to be a leading developer and operator of comprehensive commercial logistics platforms.
Corporate Goals: create wealth for society, value for customers, and a platform for our employees.
Corporate Spirit: work hard and perseveringly, pragmatically and efficiently, with passion and promise, openness and inclusivity
Core Values: commitment to promises, customer success, trusting partners, appreciating society.

Responsible Real Estate    Health Business

Operating Philosophy

Operation Philosophy: responsible real estate, healthy commerce. Management Philosophy
Market View: respect the market, emphasize efficiency, and lead the industry
Brand View: constantly strive for perfection, emphasize public regard, and create a top-tier brand
Cost View: tailor measures to local conditions, emphasize central purchasing, reduce expenditure, and improve efficiency.
Talent View: performance-oriented, emphasizing morality and internal cultivation.
Leadership View: resource integration, emphasis on teamwork, and master the overall situation.
Action View: keep the overriding goal in sight, focus on details, and comply with action codes.
Moral View: loyalty and integrity; emphasize reputation, selfless contribution.

Business Foundations

One keynote: an immutable focus on the development and operation of commercial logistics platforms.
One keynote, two products, three supports, four emphases, five pursuits
Two products: develop business based on the two core operations of commercial logistics parks and urban complexes.
Three supports: support personal consumption, support production enterprises, support home decoration.
Four emphases: emphasize quality, efficiency, operations and public praise.
Five pursuits: pursue responsibility, pursue brand, pursue high efficiency, pursue sustainability, and pursue harmony.

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