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BNP Paribas initiated its coverage of Wuzhou International with a buy rating.

Date 2015/04/30

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BNP Paribas recently initiated coverage of Wuzhou International, giving the company a “buy” rating and setting a 12-month target price of HK$1.65.


BNP Paribas indicated that as Wuzhou International engages in trade logistics centers and multi-functional commercial complexes, cooperation with strategic partners Global ProLogis Properties, Ping An Real Estate and PAG would benefit the company’s long-term development.


BNP Paribas reported that Wuzhou International focuses on developing and operating trade centers and multi-functional commercial complexes.


The flexible business models Wuzhou International follows ensures steady sales growth and the best composition of business contractors. Aside from its existing operations, Wuzhou International is also developing new businesses, including land bank and O2O platform Wuzhou Hui, as well as cooperation with Huaxia Bank to provide chattel finance services.


BNP Paribas is one of the top global banks and financial service agencies in Europe, and is rated number four globally by S&P. It has operations in over 85 countries, and occupies an important position in the investment banking, asset management and service and retail banking sectors.


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