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CCTV Discovery Channel aired a program about She Cecheng.

Date 2015/04/21

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On April 18, 15.30pm, CCTV Discovery Channel broadcasted a program titled Influential People: She Cecheng.


He was interviewed by CCTV anchor Qian Jin.



Shu Cecheng is the founder and chairman of Wuzhou International Group, a member of the Wuxi CPPCC and the standing committee of the Wuxi Industry and Commerce Federation, an EMBA graduate from Tsinghua University, and DBA graduate from Victoria University in Switzerland.


Born in February 1969, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Shu established his first real estate construction company in 2004.


In June 2013, Wuzhou International was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


He has been honored as ‘the leading person in the China Market in 2012’, ‘outstanding capital leader in 2013’, ‘outstanding person in China’s real estate industry in 2014’ and ‘Top 10 person of the third World Wenzhou People in 2014.


Wuzhou International Group is a leading Chinese real estate developer. It develops and operates trade logistics industrial parks and multi-functional commercial complexes. 



The group has successfully built two renowned commercial real estate brands, Wuzhou International and Wuzhou Columbus, and has won the following awards: Chinese Leading Commercial Real Estate Company (2012), Top 10 Renowned Commercial Real Estate Brand (2013), Top 100 Real Estate Developer (2014), Top 10 Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Developer (2014) and Best Commercial Chinese Real Estate Operator (2014).


Influential People is a talk show show broadcast on CCTV Discovery Channel.


The program shines a spotlight on Influential People through interviews. By sharing the stories of their business ventures, the program encourages younger generations to make great achievements.


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