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China's real estate newspaper article——Shu guang pill: wuzhou international will build three-dimensional large trade and logistics

Date 2015/02/10

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China real estate news: now trade logistics real estate enterprises are building large platform, Wuzhou international O2O platform is how to plan?


Ce: Shu pill Wuzhou international existing O2O platform is the main business resources and online platform's combination. Now our property consists of two plates, the city complex logistics businesses, only our own trade and logistics sector by the end of the year will be more than 10 million, of which the trade and logistics sector is subdivided into the professional wholesale market, the industrial products wholesale business section two. Open up the online channel, offline physical stores and online combination, which is currently the main layout of Wuzhou international O2O.

China real estate news: retail business line is mainly to sales or self?

Ce: Shu pill commercial real estate model Wuzhou international is a video combination mode. A part of the sale to the owners and investors, in addition there is a large part of their holdings of operations. Our business sector will tenant requirements and we build products seamlessly together.

from the business link to begin, we have business Yetai demand into planning and design process, this part of the work we have to do in the land circulation; in the sales business, but also pay attention to set up by our own business management company to build benign forms of layout. We buy shops owners and can not change the management form of communication that will be free, before the sale and the owners.

Chinese real estate news: what future plate will be the Wuzhou international focus?

Ce: Shu pill we will promote the three-dimensional business sector in the next few years, to build a large logistics ecosystem, the commerce, logistics, finance, e-commerce and other business combination.

<span style="font-size:12px" ;="" "in="" the="" future,="" we="" believe="" that="" this="" is="" most="" important="" logistics="" sector.="" at="" present="" there="" no="" commercial="" or="" business="" enterprises,="" and="" are="" in="" layout="" of="" logistics,="" prologis,="" real="" peace="" cooperation="" mainly="" involves="" us="" trade="" center="" supporting="" warehousing.=""


we think, to build logistics ecosystem, both parties can participate, the results must be 1 plus 1 is greater than 2. Is to enter the Wuzhou international logistics real estate advantage, which can be integrated into big business “ ” the concept of it, through the logistics supply chain, to build a financial services platform and e-commerce online platform, the formation of a three-dimensional “ ” big business layout.

China real estate news: financial cooperation with Ping An Bank how to carry out?

Ce: pill Shu Ping An Bank of small business financing Qingjushulu, Wuzhou international trade field and leading small and medium enterprises concentrated sector, this cooperation will bring great convenience to us under the banner of the small and medium businesses, but also expand to Ping An Bank financial business.

China real estate news: Wuzhou international current operating income at what level in the industry?

Shu pills: service policy revenue accounted for steady growth in 2013 at around 5%, 2014 operating income accounted for more than 10%. From the perspective of the commercial real estate industry, this level can be said to row to around 10 in the country, but only from the business concept of logistics real estate companies, Wuzhou international is count as one of the very best.

China real estate news: in the real estate business logistics enterprises to go online at the same time, many Internet companies are at the entrance to expand the line, how to ensure the independence of their own business in cooperation?

Ce: Shu pill now online and offline cooperation is widespread, we mainly to help offline businesses to find value. For example, they have a low degree of information, we publish product information, business information through large data integration to enhance the level of information; their customer service service is weak, we can also compensate for lack of individual businesses in the post service ability, to focus on the customer service to fill it embarrassing. Finally, build logistics platform and financial platform, regardless of how companies move, as long as firmly in the control of the two logistics and financial lifeline, the enterprise must be in your large three-dimensional business circles, enterprises naturally will own development and trade logistics city closely tied up.

Chinese real estate news: Wuzhou international cooperation and Ping An Bank of &ldquo real estate financing; ” is how to operate?

policy: Shu pill we are doing is the needs of businesses with capital relative access. At present, many domestic real estate enterprises are in the real estate financing, while the Wuzhou international trade logistics real estate industry is rather special, there is a part of real estate, but for businesses is more real estate, but the domestic real estate financing is still relatively immature. So we are thinking how to help businesses through real estate financing, businesses can supply mortgage, mortgage can store, even in the hands of real orders can also be used to get a mortgage.

the chattel financing ratio, we will be classified according to the specific situation, discount higher standard parts of our products, if it is the fashion, season is relatively low.



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