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Commerce Management


Wuzhou International Business Management Company under the Wuzhou International Group, Wuzhou International two core business operations and management sector, since its inception in 2005, and gradually formed a specialized, standardized, modular management system.
After years of service in the field of commercial property operations, the company's unique business resources and project development advantages, to attract, including well-known listed companies, the world's top 500 retail enterprises senior management personnel to join the formation of a stable and professional extremely strong operational management team.
Company uphold the group advocates "responsibility healthy commercial real estate" business philosophy, has invested heavily in construction operations, and actively practice project operations "two five" principle, so Wuzhou International projects and "Continental business management," the brand continued promotion, access to many business concerns and recognition.
After continuous exploration and innovation, the company's project management and operations management capabilities continue to improve, not only the formation of a professional commercial property management, more accurate positioning in the market, market development, commercial property planning, property operation services, property management, He has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. At present, the company has successfully imported ISO2000 quality management system.
Focus on the future, the company will create a heritage group advocated value for customers, creating wealth for social values, provide a solid guarantee for the sustainable development of the Group and projects for business development business to provide a good platform for the development of social business and make due contributions.

  • Its own commercial brand
  • Brand Strategic Alliance
  • Independent investment operations
  • Planning Promotion
  • Chattel mortgage financing
  • Brand exporting
  • After years of effort, Wuzhou International gained rapid pace of development, companies have been expanding, enterprise management level and service level greatly improved, professional and technical personnel has increased every year. At the same time, a good social reputation built up for many years of business practice, and accumulated extensive partner and generous business asset to the company to develop its own commercial brand to create a solid foundation.

    combined with their own advantages, conditions and resources, as well as market demand, Wuzhou International since 2010 to develop the first commercial brands of its own - after Wuzhou International Commodity City, one after another carefully crafted boutique Wuzhou International Electromechanical Hall, Wuzhou International home Museum and other commercial brands, and hopes to play its advantages in resources, formed its own operating characteristics, to build its own brand of the main store, directly supporting the trade and logistics industrial park development projects, so as to further enhance the market competitiveness of the Group and projects.

  • Since 2005 business management of the company, the company realized a project for the development of the brand plays an important role, and only strong alliance, both sides can win. Therefore, after continuous efforts, business management company and many well-known brands line signed a cooperation agreement to become a strategic alliance and seek common development.

  • In the long process of development, the company formed a highly effective means of implementation of decisions and meet their own business needs investment business model. Each project within the framework of the Group of independent investment operations, the Group overall coordination of investment resources, to control business policies and trends, ensure healthy development projects.

    Operation of the project has now opened a total of 25, Wuxi Guangyi Wuzhou Columbus Square, Long An Department Store, Wuxi Wuzhou International Chinese Food City, the Galaxy International Plaza Wuxi Wuzhou City, Wuzhou Columbus Plaza Wuxi New District, Wuxi Plum Village Wuzhou International Plaza, Wuxi Luo social Columbus six Dragon, Wuxi sharp sheep Wuzhou international Plaza, international Plaza Wuzhou Xuyi, Yancheng Wuzhou international Plaza, Jiangyin Wuzhou international Plaza, Nantong Wuzhou international Plaza, international Plaza Hangzhou Wuzhou, Wuzhou International decorate the city of Wuxi, Wuxi Wuzhou international Industrial Expo City Texas Leling Wuzhou International Exhibition City, Jianhu Wuzhou International Trade City, Shandong Longkou Wuzhou International Trade City, Chongqing Rongchang Wuzhou International Trade City, Dali Wuzhou International Trade City, Xiangyang Wuzhou international Industrial Expo City, Yantai Wuzhou international Industrial Expo City, Nantong Wuzhou international Auto Expo City, Ryan Wuzhou International Trade City, east China Yixing Wuzhou International Trade City.

  • Brands and marketing co-exist, with services to enhance their competitiveness. Merchants preparatory period from the start, continuous branding, and strategic business together preheat market, a solid foundation for the later steady operation. Various promotional activities, popular events, trade fairs and other intensive activities undertaken to promote the sustainability of the project after the opening prosperous farm. Give full play to the brand, through business linkage, cross-industry alliance, joint projects and other initiatives to continuously improve projects popularity and visibility and influence. For project business category market segmentation through precision marketing for businesses to bring more accurate traffic to support sales, support healthy business operations. Through a series of marketing strategies to boost the project bigger, prosperous, and stronger.

  • Company and Huaxia Bank combination, for the introduction of movable property Financial services loyal merchants Wuzhou international operations to help businesses improve capital utilization, to speed up the chattel liquidity to help the healthy functioning of business operations, in order to better improve operational quality of service. Wuzhou International chattel mortgage financing provided to tenants of a value-added services, has carried out experimental work in the city of Wuxi Wuzhou International decoration, and made good progress.

  • Wuzhou International as the country's major developers and operators, with a wealth of experience in commercial real estate trader, strong financial strength and professional management team. Real estate developers to provide market research, planning, investment advisory services and operations the necessary training, and allow management of property has the right to use designated brands in cooperative mode.

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