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Property Management


Native Mode in conjunction with international standards

Wuzhou International Property Management property services through long-term practice, the ISO9001 quality management system into the property services, and the fine management and human services to the local mature, excellent property management to introduce the project. At the same time, combined with ISO9004-2 international service standards, establish an effective service support system, such as the use of in-house customer service software environment assessment table so that the quality of services placed under the effective control of managers.

Security management and business climate combine to create

Housekeeper through the formation team of professionals consisting of the anti-technology, air defense, physical defense effectively combine to enhance security inspection and rectification, emphasizing whole-heartedly service, timely and accurate information to convey to the owners and tenants. At the same time, and constantly create rich business climate, so that the project to maintain a safe, secure and congenial shopping environment.

Early intervention services combined with conventional

From real estate sales phase begins introducing our unique property services and property services which continued into the late, while incorporating modern high-quality content and services, will include housing facilities maintenance, environmental management, greening and conservation, and other routine services throughout the property management of the entire process.

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